Shared Printing

Shared printing is useful when you cannot connect to the printer over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or face compatibility or printing quality issues. It requires a Mac or PC computer and our free software PrintHand for Windows or MacOS installed on it. The Client installation is simple and requires no special knowledge. Once running on your computer, it automatically shares all the printers connected to that computer on local network.

You can always switch the sharing off and on for any printer through settings. By default, the Client is running in background and starts with operating system so you don't need to interact with it much. All other printing modes use drivers available on mobile device. The main advantage of using Shared Printing is relying on the driver running on your computer. Because of that, there's no compatibility or quality problems for any device, content type or printer. Practically, it's guaranteed to work so long as you can print from the computer itself.

We recommend using Shared Printing when nothing else works, but this may be a good option to start with. It does require installing free PrintHand for Windows or MacOS and running a computer at the time of printing. But if it's not a big inconvenience, you may find Shared Printing the best and the easiest option. Keep in mind, shared printers are detected automatically by our mobile application as Wi-Fi printers.

To download and install free PrintHand for Windows please click here

To download and install free PrintHand for MacOS please click here