How It Works?

First off, you need to install our application on your device. Please visit Google Play to get started. The application is free for you to try, but in order to print real pages you'll need to upgrade to Premium Version. Once the application is installed, it'll connect to your printer automatically. It'll also help you with initial setup in a step-by-step wizard if necessary.

Many printers support Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth protocols and don't require a computer to be connected to. PrintHand can automatically detect your printer and connect to it directly. This is the easiest and fastest way to print. We'll try to find the best driver for your printer, but if it's not available yet, you can use generic one instead or select the driver manually.

Many printers, old and new, do not support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You'd need to connect the printer to a computer (Mac, PC or Linux) with USB cable and share it there. Normally, you can use native tools available on each platform and with just a few clicks have your printer available to PrintHand application. Your mobile device needs to be on the same network as the computer.

Some mobile devices provide functionality known as USB Host, where you can connect the device directly to the printer with USB cable. This is as fast and reliable as Wi-Fi printing. If your device doesn't have computer-like USB connection, you can use USB Host Cable kit widely available on the market. This functionality is only available on Android 4.0 and above.

If a printer you want to print to is located somewhere else, you can use Google Cloud Printing. In most cases you need to have Google Chrome installed and configured on the computer connected to the printer. Some printers support Cloud Printing natively and do not require a computer. You'll to have access to Google account sharing the printer in the cloud. For more information about cloud printing please click here

When you connect your device to the printer, printing is just a few clicks away. You can select what you wish to print, preview pages, adjust options (margins, quality, color, etc. depending on your printer capabilities). You may optionally select page range or individual pages to be print. Currently PrintHand can print the following:

  • Office documents including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF
  • Text files and other common file formats
  • Photos
  • Web pages and e-mails, including attachments
  • Google Docs
  • Call log and SMS messages from devices with calling and text messaging
  • Calendar events
  • Contacts
  • Content from other compatible applications

Except for Google Cloud mode, the printout information you generate on your mobile device does not leave the perimeter of your local network. We do all the processing exclusively on the device, and do not send your files and photos anywhere.